Holiday in Spain in 3 Days


The Best of Barcelona, Holiday in Spain in Three Days


This is a brief travel guide to Barcelona, Spain, home of a very rich culture. Barcelona is indeed a place you need to visit because it simply is one of the world’s best travel destinations when it comes to planning your holiday in Spain. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain as well as a top tourist destination especially during summer as stated by most travel guide books and articles. Truly, Barcelona is a world-class destination, but it need not be too expensive to experience Barcelona. You can even visit all interesting places in three days.

If you have read a travel guide that says you can’t be a cheapskate when in Barcelona, that is not true. Accommodation in hostels starts from £10, but if you have money to spare, you can have a good room for £25. Hotels, however, are not budget friendly, as rooms start from £70 and up. You must be aware though that prices change depending on the inflow of tourists. Follow our travel guide for planning your holiday in spain and compare some of the affordable hotels in Barcelona with our Hotel Search tool and you will surely find the right hotel that suits your budget.

What then are the things you need to do? First, wear comfortable shoes because a Barcelona tour involves a lot of walking. Second, make an itinerary so you can get the best out of your trip with less idle or wasted time. Third, learn about the city’s transportation to save you time from going from a place to another. A bus ticket typically costs less than three pounds and you can save from transportation costs when you buy pack of tickets.

Day 1
You must explore the central area of Barcelona on your first day. This is the usual and most practical way as suggested by this travel guide. If you begin your tour at 9:00 am, you can visit most of the architectural sites of the City such as the La Sagrada Familia, a destination usually suggested by a UK travel blog. You can visit other UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the La Pedreda, Casa Batllo, and Casa Amatller (Visit for more info) You have to pay for all of these, though. The places to visit for free are the following: Guell Park, Columbus Monument, La Rambla Park, and University of Barcelona. If you really love art, you can also visit Picasso’s museum. You can do all of this in one day.

Day 2

The next day involves another city tour. You can begin with a walk to the Barcelona Zoo where you must pay an entrance fee. Then you can proceed to the Ciutadella Park for free. To see 19th century architecture, you must visit the Barcelona Cathedral. After the visit to the Cathedral, you can go to the Contemporary Art Museum where they have exhibits almost all year round. All of these may be reached by walking. The next destination requires a train ride. The Maritime Museum is a must-see. You would spend time at this place so this would be the end of your third day. You can do souvenir shopping, even.


Day 3
You can’t leave Barcelona without going beyond and walking through the Western part of the city. You may employ transportation such as a train, but it’s your last day in Barcelona so that would not be a big deal. You can begin your tour by visiting the Montjuic castle, which displays ancient weaponry. Next, walk to the Olympic Stadium that hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics for a meagre entrance fee. You can also walk to the Joan Miro Foundation, which exhibits modern artworks. Another subway ride is required if you wish to visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia—home of medieval art collections. To end your Barcelona tour, visit the majestic Magic Fountain. You get to see fountains most of the time but don’t miss the Magic Mountain’s light and sound presentation.

Barcelona is one of the top places to visit because you get to experience a rich culture, taste a wide variety of delicacies, and meet friendly people not only because a travel guide says so but because it is reality.

If you are fascinated to travel to Barcelona for a holiday in spain from London UK,and you are not sure about where to stay and how much the current air ticket prices will be, compare some of flights and hotels in Barcelona using the search tool on our website or visit the official website of Easyjet (Visit: for more details.

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