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Travel Asian Countries for Less Than £25 a Day

Asia is a good place for travel as there are many places to go, especially Southeast Asia, which will provide different experiences for you both physically and gastronomically. You can afford an Asian travel with the help of travel guide articles as well as your knowledge on how to get affordable hotel rates and flights. Asia is really a good place to travel to because there are many places to go that can cost you less than £25 a day.


Many people who travelled Southeast Asia say that Thailand is a good place to go when you are on a tight budget. You need not worry about accommodations because you can get a room for £5 a night. For an air-conditioned room though, you need to pay £15 per night. If you prefer hotels, prices start at £30 and up. Many consider this cheap because they offer free meals. You need not worry about food because you can last a day for less than £5 if you eat local food. But even if you eat in a restaurant, you cannot even go beyond £10. Read more about “Places to Go in Thailand” at []

The places to go while in Thailand are the very busy city of Bangkok, the peaceful old city of Chiang Mai, the ancient capitals such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, and the tropical islands in the country. For people who really love the outdoors, they can experience trekking activities in the jungles of Chiang Mai, diving activities in the islands, and even join Thailand’s water-fight known as Songkran celebrated during the Thai New Year. Cheapest Flight To Phuket(HKT) From London Gatwick(LGW) in August is offered by Qatar Airways for £724*.



The Asian experience would not be complete without Indonesia on the list—home to more than 13,000 islands. Travelling to Indonesia is also cheap like in Thailand. Food, accommodation, and transportation are cheap. To save money, eat like the locals because they offer different delicacies, many of which cost less than a pound. To make your experience worthwhile, you must visit Bali. You can meet many travellers in this place as the city has frequent visitors because of its beauty. The Gili Islands are also a must-see. Jakarta, of course, is always included in the list of places to go while in Indonesia. For a relaxing treat, try a spa on the beach, which is available in most of the islands in Indonesia. And because Indonesia has a very diverse culture, you can satisfy your gastronomic cravings by eating Balinese, Javanese, and Padang cuisines. Cheapest Flight To Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport From London Heathrow(LHR) from 8th (Departure) – 23rd (Return) in August is offered by Emirates Airways for £859*.

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Sri Lanka

If you want an awesome adventure where you can experience a rich culture, Sri Lanka must be on your list of places to go. There are a lot of things you can experience in Sri Lanka that you cannot do in just a few days so you’ll definitely go back. On top of your to-do-list while in Sri Lanka are the following: satisfy your gastronomic cravings by indulging in Sri Lankan cuisine, which is influenced by many nations of the world as a result of trade; drink tea in many tea villages as well as marvel at how tea grows; visit the temples and experience the Buddhist way of meditation; and the list is not complete without visiting the beautiful beaches. All of these are not burdensome to the pocket as there are many cheap tours in Sri Lanka. Read More about some of the “Places to Visit in Srilanka” at []. Cheapest Flight To Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport From London Heathrow(LHR) from 8th (Departure) – 23rd (Return) in August is offered by Qatar Airways for £610*.

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Many people would not consider Bangladesh as a tourist destination. Their mistake, however, is that they failed to appreciate what the country has to offer. Bangladesh is also a must-see when travelling to Asia if you want to experience rural life at its best. What are the things you need to do while in Bangladesh? Eat a biryani in a small place that offers authentic biryani—the Haji Biryani; see the Pink Palace also known as Ahsan Manzil; explore the region by visiting Srimangal and other tea estates; and visit the Sundarbans National Park. To find out more about things to do in Bangladesh here’s “A Quick Travel Guide On Bangladesh“. Cheapest Flight To Shahjalal International Airport From London Gatwick(LGW) from 8th (Departure) – 23rd (Return) in August is offered by Emirates Airways for £610*



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