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how to find cheap hotels for business travel in Dubai in 2015

How to Find Cheap Hotels for Business Travel in Dubai in 2015


When going to other places for a business travel, we make sure that we have the best accommodation if going to unfamiliar place; Dubai is the fastest growing city in the whole world right now, finding hotels would not really a big problem. There are a lot of reasonable hotels that within your budget; you can find hotels that are cheap to a seven star hotel that only in Dubai exists.

When you are on a tight budget for your business travel, it is wise if you search on the internet ahead of time for finding hotel deals. Simply click to those website and compare the hotel room rates, make sure you check their availabilities. You can get a great hotel deals if you book ahead of time. Make sure that you coordinate the date of your flight to Dubai and the booking your hotel accommodation to avail a great hotel deals.

Many in Dubai hotels offer an utmost luxury and hospitality, if you want an affordable but has a good ambiance you can never go wrong with these following hotels:

The Avari Hotel

The Avari Hotel– it is located in downtown Dubai, this hotel comprise a contemporary ambiance. They have a wide selection of restaurants and pubs. They have great facilities and services that can be offer to their guests.

The New Peninsula Hotel

The New Peninsula Hotel – The location of this hotel is very near to the beaches of Dubai, their rates are around £66 and it is located on the heart of shopping centres in Dubai.


The Landmark Plaza Hotel

The Landmark Plaza Hotel – it is a very convenient hotel, the hotel comprises a spacious lobby that consist of 50 shops and the most attraction of this hotel is their cuisine, it is known as the best in Dubai.

The Pacific Hotel

The Pacific Hotel – the hotel is located in Diera’s main electronic and textile market, the hotel offers a rate of £59 for a double room per night, the room has a balcony where the city of Dubai is overlooking.


The Gulf pearl Hotel

The Gulf pearl Hotel – the prices for their accommodation ranges from £52 per night. The good thing about this hotel is that it is only minutes away from the airport and it is very near to Dubai’s shopping malls and cultural centres of Dubai.

In finding your hotels for your business travel the most important is you are comfortable and it is accessible to your working place, those hotels listed above are some few hotels that offer good price as well as good services, you can search on the internet to find a lot of Dubai hotel guides. The most important is you enjoy your stay to the hotel of your choice.


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