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Greece: Where the Ancient and Modern Meet


One of the best places to visit for a simple holiday vacation or a world tour is Greece. There are many things it offers: good food, historical sites, and festivals. You’ll never run out of places to visit. With this simple travel guide, you will learn what to expect from a Greek tour—from knowing how to get affordable hotels to knowing how to get affordable flights in Greece.

The first thing on your list is how to get to Greece. This would definitely include a plane ride. You need not worry, though, because you can ask a travel agent about the cheapest flights to Greece. If you don’t want help from anybody, you can simply check flights online and compare prices. Since most airlines offer discounted rates as well as flight promos, you can choose from those. To get the cheapest flight though, you must book your flight early. A few months before is a good time.

The next consideration is the places to visit when the sun sets, or simply a place to stay. Accommodation in Greece varies and it depends whether you want to stay in a hotel or in a hostel. Private hotel rooms can cost around £30-40 a night in most islands in Greece. However, there are expensive hotels especially in Santorini and Mykonos; rates start from £50. If you intend to go on the months of July or August, cost of accommodation may double.

The next thing you need to know is the cost of food in Greece. The prices really vary and it is up to you to allocate your money for food. Cost of food primarily depends on places to visit. If you have a few pounds to spare, you can munch on gyros and other food available in stalls. This usually costs £3. Restaurant food cost around £15 and you must add a few pounds for wine. For cheaper food though, you can just buy your own groceries.

Transportation is really not a problem. However, expect to pay a lot when hopping through different islands because the main form of transportation is ferries and boats. Travel by land costs less because train rides are less than £2 per ride. If you want a tour of the city, you can rent a moped which costs around £15 per day.

After everything is set—from landing in Greece to the food you’ll eat—you need to know where to goonce you’re in Greece. There are indeed many places to visit; some require entrance fees but others don’t.

Greece is a very good place for almost everyone such as history lovers, beach lovers, and people who love to party because of the number of places to visit. For people who admire sceneries and historic landmarks, Athens is the place to go. Cultural events such as those performed during the Hellenic festivals are also a must see. Almost everything that a history lover must see is in Athens. Beach lovers on the other hand will face no difficulty in finding the best beaches because Greece is home to many of the world’s best beaches, from Santorini to Crete. If you love to party, take the Mykonos trip because it is a great island but expensive.

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